Hooki`s Adventure

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Hooki is a classic Jump’n’Run owl game. Easy to play, but hard to master. Try to avoid the vultures, called Beavels, to safe the little owl. By touching your mobile phone you decide if Hooki flies up or down ?


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Hooki is a happy owl with a fancy owl view. She lives in the forest with her owl parents. Her mother is called Adele “the porch-climber” and her father is Eddy “the safecracker“ ?
Hooki and her father often play “sneakthief” – the goal is to catch as many little worms as possible. Most of the time Hooki wins, because “the safecracker” is a really old owl ?  
Suddenly on a cloudy day an insane storm came up – and Hooki didn’t pay attention to it. Her parents were inside their little owl house to make a “worm salad” - mhhh that always smells wonderfully ?. Meanwhile, Hooki picked up a defenseless worm by using her “picklock”, her practical beak. Bad for the worm but also bad for Hooki! The power of the storm was so huge, that Hooki was carried away from the hurricane. There was no time to say goodbye :/
Two hours later, the hell ride was over for Hooki. Her feathers, her face, almost everything was marked from the hurricane.  
Now, Hooki has to try to find back home – but it is not as easy as it looks. Her parents also have no idea where to start searching :/
Help Hooki to find back home and navigate her through the dangerous forest! Pay attention on the aggressive vultures, called the Beavels!
Hooki needs your help!

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  • Classic sidescroller game with simple and easy controls - touch to fly!
  • Endless game mode
  • Beat your own highscore, beat the highscore of your friends, family etc.
  • Collect as many fruits as possible for a higher score


Hooki Highscore


Keep on owlling! ?

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